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The Historic General Dodge House, in addition to our regular House tours, offers several special programs for groups, suited for the 2-8th grade audience.

Special programs

  • "The Meaning of Underwear": Contrast Victorian life with modern day through clothing. A selection of students will try on the successive layers of men's and women's clothing from the Victorian era. Lively discussions on the purpose of each layer, and what this meant about Victorian Society and our own. Take plenty of pictures of this rollicking good time! 3rd -5th grade 1-1.5 hours. Includes a short movie about General Dodge and quick walk through the Dodge House.

  • "A Servant's Life": Walk in the steps of a servant in the Dodge Household and view life from their eyes. Take the servants staircase, carry in the afternoon tea, and try your hand at the Victorian way of doing laundry or polish the silver! Learn first hand the difference between the haves and the have-nots, even on the frontier!! 2nd-8th grade 1-1.5 hours. Includes a short movie about General Dodge.

  • "Keeping up with the Dodges": Students will learn about history while assuming the identity of people who lived, worked, or visited the Dodge House! Walk through the Dodge House as your character! End up in the Ballroom for Q & A and see if you, kept up with the Dodges! 8th grade and up! 1-1.5 hours. Includes a short movie about General Dodge

Don't forget to download the Teacher's Guides for each program before you come. There is great information to use both before and after you visit!

Document"The Meaning of Underwear" program materials
Document"A Servant's Life" program materials
Document"Keeping up with the Dodge's" program materials

Need more information on General Dodge? Try these informative Units that are part of our traveling trunk series managed by Green Hills Area Education Agency. Units available are: "General Dodge: Railroad Builder"; "General Dodge in the Civil War" and "General Dodge's Victorian Life"

DocumentGeneral Dodge's Victorian Life
This unit relies on the traveling trunk materials held by Green Hills Area Education Agency, but includes a thorough Bibliography as well as pages of fun Activities.

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